Valentine's Day is Bad For the Environment

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Are you single and want an excuse to rag on Valentine's Day? Well, it turns out that the holiday is terrible for the environment.

Speaking of, here's a big win for nature: Hawaii is the first state to ban the usage of plastic bags at grocery stores.

According to Australian psychologists, your brain reacts the same way to a smiling emoticon as it would to a smiling face. Thanks, Internet!


Dallas sportscaster Dale Hansen on Michael Sam coming out prior to the NFL Draft. Hansen makes me proud to be from the Lone Star State #TexasForever


While the lot of you are stuck asking the question of "is video gaming really a sport?," Hollywood is starting to invest in esports tournaments.

Pennsylvania man arrested for opening fire and killing a horse pulling an Amish buggy. Great mugshot, too.


It's true, writers are the worst procrastinators.

GIF BREAK! Synchronized Jumping


A man walks into a hospital, gets surgery to treat his cancer, and then forgets how to have sex. No, that's not a setup to a joke. That actually happened.

You know how they they say that cell phone usage can cause cancer? Well, eleven years of research has not provided one single bit of evidence that backs this claim.


David Foster Wallace—the literary hero of many intellectuals—was a diva, as evidenced to this letter sent to his editor. Oh yeah, he was also vengeful.

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