Valerie Plame's First Campaign Ad Is...Really Something

Remember Valerie Plame? She’s back, she’s running for Congress in New Mexico, and she says in her first campaign ad that she’s got “scores” to settle while driving a muscle car through the desert like a stuntwoman.


It’s a lot!!!

“You name a hotspot? I lived it,” Plame says, as the words IRAN, IRAQ, PAKISTAN, SYRIA, and NORTH KOREA flash on screen, set to the sound of something that sounds more than a little bit like gun shots.


After a bit of history about her family’s military history, Plame says in the voiceover: “My service was cut short when my own country betrayed me.”

Plame is driving her fast car VERY fast in reverse to underscore that our country is going “backwards” before doing one of those Fast and Furious-y peel outs. She gets out of the car with sunglasses on and ends the ad by saying: “Mr. President, I’ve got a few scores to settle.”

If I were her, my beef would first and foremost be with Dick Cheney, evil man, and Scooter Libby, his former henchman, who was charged as part of the investigation into who blew her cover. But, given that Trump—usually no fan of the Bushes and their ilk—pardoned Libby in 2018, I guess he’s the latest “score” to settle. We’ll see if the gambit pays off!

Managing Editor, Splinter

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