Vaping Congressman Floats Wild Conspiracy Theory to Explain His Corruption Charges

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California Republican Congressman and notorious vape bro Duncan Hunter has responded to criminal charges filed against him alleging he illegally spent a quarter of a million dollars from his campaign funds on things like movie tickets, burgers, and a $600 dollar airplane seat for a pet rabbit.

Rather than admit that he treated his donors’ money like a wacky weekend slush fund, an unapologetic Hunter blamed “modern politics and modern media mixed in with law enforcement that has a political agenda” for his extremely credible and very well documented alleged crimes.


“This is the new Department of Justice. This is the Democrats’ arm of law enforcement. That’s what’s happening right now,” Hunter complained, no matter the fact that the DOJ has for the past year and half operated under the current Republican administration and is run by avowed right-winger and former senator Jeff Sessions.

But hey, why let reality get in the way of a mediocre talking point, right?

“It’s happening with Trump and it’s happening with me,” Hunter continued, adding that “we’re gonna fight through it and win when the people get to vote in November.” (Funny thing about that: because of California’s top-two primary system, Hunter’s name will reportedly remain on the ballot even if he resigns.)

In one respect, Hunter is partially correct about being similar to Trump: they’ve both used their elected office for painfully mundane grifts while insisting that they’ve done absolutely nothing wrong.