Violence Continues to Be the Norm at Trump Rallies

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President Trump’s rallies have been plagued with violence against protesters and journalists. But when the president himself encourages violence, it’s a disturbing, but altogether unsurprising reality, that this is the new normal. Trump’s rally on Thursday night was emblematic of this new normal, especially considering the scuffle was merely a blip on the radar of an otherwise typical Trump tirade.

Addressing a crowd in Huntington, WV, Trump endeavored to deflect attention from the intensifying investigation into his campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia. “We didn’t win because of Russia; we won because of you,” Trump said. “Are there any Russians here tonight? Any Russians?”


But the big event of the night was West Virginia Governor Jim Justice’s announcement that he would be joining the Republican Party. It was a shock to Democrats, who weren’t informed of Justice’s intentions before Thursday.

Justice’s declaration was momentarily overshadowed by a scuffle that broke out in the crowd. Right as he was about to triumphantly proclaim his allegiance to the Republican Party, Justice stopped and ogled with the rest of the audience at a protester who was being subdued by security.


Here’s a video (Reuters has an extended version of the below tweet):

The fight appeared to be between anti-Trump protester and another attendee. There’s a clear sign calling for an end to the “Trump Pence Regime.” As a man is ushered out of the crowd by security, seemingly attempting to unhand his sign from an audience member, his resistance themed shirt is visible.

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