Wacko Who Threatened to Sexually Assault David Hogg Gets Fired From Everywhere

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Remember Jamie Allman (no relation to Duane or Gregg that I know of), the local St. Louis radio and television personality who tweeted that he was preparing to personally sodomize a teenage activist with a “hot poker?” Because said teenager, David Hogg, survived a school shooting and used his platform to advocate for gun control? Well, it looks like Allman is all out of work, because both the radio and television station have fired him.

Earlier this week, Allman lost some of his advertisers due to the comments. Yesterday, television station KDNL, an ABC affiliate owned by evil conservative titan Sinclair, dropped his show. He also failed to appear on his morning radio show on conservative radio station KFTK, which explained that he was “taking a few days off.”

According to the St. Louis Dispatch, Allman’s radio show was a bigger deal than the TV show—“among the biggest draws in the time slot in the St. Louis market.” Which is why it must have really hurt when, later on Tuesday evening, a KFTK spokesperson announced that he would not be returning:

“I can tell you on the record KFTK has parted ways with Mr. Allman and that his show is canceled effective immediately,” said Esther-Mireya Tejeda of Entercom Communications.


Wow the PC police—that is, people who feel that a grown radio talk show host threatening to violently attack and sexually abuse a 17-year-old public figure is inappropriate—have struck again!!