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Kerry Washington is obviously the best part of Scandal, but everything Olivia Pope has ever worn is tied for second place. This is where Spylight comes in — later this month, the startup will release an audio-syncing app to identify the TV show or movie that you're watching and instantly offer affordable clothing suggestions to match the looks on screen.

Spylight, which works with studios to get fashion intel in advance, already hosts an impressive database of pop culture-inspired style recommendations on its website, curating exact outfit matches for enviable fictional dressers like Dr. Mindy Lahiri, Jess Day, and Amy Elliot Dunne.


Even if, for some reason, you want to channel the sad, sweaty dudes from Foxcatcher, or tighty whities-clad meth dealer Walter White, Spylight's here for you.

Credit: Spylight

I'm thinking Heisenberg's shirts are less Brooks Brothers and more Kmart, but still, not bad.

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