Warren's Campaign Is Now a Union Shop

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On Tuesday night, the Wall Street Journal reported Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s campaign staff will unionize. The union will be represented by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 2320; the union’s business manager told the Journal the Warren campaign agreed with “no pushback.”

The unit will include more than 200 members of Warren’s nationwide campaign staff, per the Journal. The contract negotiation phase has yet to begin, with IBEW 2320 currently polling union members to assess their priorities.


Warren’s staff is the third 2020 Democratic campaign to unionize, following the workforces of Sen. Bernie Sanders and Julián Castro. The Sanders staff announced its intentions in March and ratified its contract in early May. The campaign has since openly supported the strike efforts of University of California employees and graduate students’ demands for the University of Chicago to recognize their union.

As the IBEW 2320 business manager pointed out to the Journal, their participation in organizing the Warren staff does not amount to a endorsement; to this point, only Joe “Union Man” Biden has picked up the support of a major union, the International Association of Fire Fighters. Curiously enough, though, while his campaign has said it would support such efforts, Biden’s campaign staff has not unionized and a healthcare union in California protested one of his events last month. Weird.