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What kind of image pops into your head when you imagine a the kind of person who would try to entice a child into a car with promises of candy? A literal monster, right? That's certainly the case for the police sketch artist who made these drawings.

Washington D.C. police released a pair of sketches Tuesday of men being sought for trying to get a young girl to come with them in their car.


The police press release states two men driving a white vehicle approached a female child in Northwest Washington D.C. last Monday and offered her candy to get in the car.

This is how the police described the subjects' appearance:

One of the subjects is described as a White or Hispanic male, approximately 70-years-old, with grey short hair, green eyes …

4.26.16 Sub. 1

…and a tattoo in the shape of a beetle on the back of his neck

4.26.16 Sub 1 tattoo

The other subject is described as a White or Hispanic male, approximately 60-years-old, with white hair and a nose ring.

4.26.16 Sub. 2

I have a few questions. Where is the nose ring? Why is that tattoo described as a beetle when it is clearly a snowman? Was the Nemesis from Resident Evil 3 with these men?


Police are asking anyone with any leads on these men to call their tip line at 202-727-9099 or text 50411.

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