The Second City

It's been just a few days since we lit Parks & Rec aflame and set it out to drift at sea, so this video couldn't possibly have come at a better time. The Second City has released footage from a forgotten Amy Poehler pilot, RVTV, dating all the way back to 1995.

The three-minute compilation features, among other things, tiny baby Amy freestyling, improv icon Del Close saying the phrase "fancy rollerblading on the information superhighway," and a guy in a Nixon mask slurping ranch dressing out of the bottle.

Directed by future Will Ferrell collaborator Adam McKay, RVTV (because they're in an RV, I think, and also because SCTV?) is a little bit William Gibson, a little bit Tim & Eric, and a big bit weird.

I don't know what's happening here, but I think that I like it.

[h/t Pixable]

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