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Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was confronted by a crowd of activists who blocked her entry to a Washington D.C. area middle school on Friday.

While the event DeVos was trying to attend inside the Jefferson Academy Middle School school—her first school visit since she took up her post—was closed to the media, several dozen protesters were filmed outside the school chanting, waving signs, and at one point, physically blocking DeVos and the school's side entrance.


Watch this video. It is something else. It's not every day that you see protesters yelling "SHAME! SHAME!" like a straight-up Game of Thrones parody just inches from a high-powered Cabinet secretary?

And let's briefly focus on the real story here: DeVos' complete terror.

Here's a full-screen view. It's blurry, but the fear in her eyes comes through.


DeVos, who was confirmed by the Senate this week despite having no experience in education, has long been seen as a dangerous adversary to the public education system, given her support for school vouchers, her history of emphasizing religion in the classroom, and her past associations with anti-LGBTQ organizations.

Community members from a number of D.C. area organizations, including Movement 4 Black Lives, the Washington Teachers' Union, and the Black Youth Project, had rallied outside to protest DeVos.


Speaking with the press outside the school, Washington Teachers Union president Elizabeth Davis explained that, "we want to share the message that we love our public school system."


"Public education teachers believe that public education is the cornerstone," Davis continued. "It’s the foundation of our society."

According to the Washington Post, DeVos left the scene in a government sedan, but was later filmed entering the school through a different door. While it's unclear what transpired once DeVos made her way into Jefferson Academy, it seems a safe bet that the first thing she did was ask them where they keep their pencils.


According to reports from on site, police made one arrest during the protests.

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