Watch a Republican Goon's Brain Short Circuit Over Whether He'd Support a Racist

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Is Donald Trump a racist? If you are the average person who did not vote for him, the answer is clearly yes. If you are a cable news anchor, however, the answer is hmm... maybe... let’s go to our panel.

It is all so very dumb. But, sometimes, it leads to moments like this, wherein Kansas Senate candidate Kris Kobach suffers a minor brain short circuit on live TV while Chris Cuomo shouts “Really? REALLY? Come on!” at him.

Skip ahead to 5:40 if you want to miss nearly six minutes of otherwise useless semantic debate over whether or not the president telling four congresswomen to “go back” to the “crime infested” places they came from is racist. If you don’t want to miss that, well, the whole clip is right here!


In all fairness, it’s a decent dismantling by Cuomo. Kobach got owned! Sucks to suck, dude! The bigger question is why Cuomo wasted seven minutes of airtime with a failed Kansas gubernatorial candidate who is barely clinging to his status as a public figure by being racist, defending racism, etc on live TV. But in this case, at least, Cuomo certainly made his point! And at the end of the day, both the shouty guys in suits will go home all the richer for it.

Contributing Writer, Splinter

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