Watch a Top Fox News Bigot's Nauseating Attempt to Exploit Police Racism

Screengrab - Fox News

It is my deep misfortune to inform you that known Fox News buffoon and racist person Jesse Watters is at it again.

On Thursday evening’s edition of The Five, Watters inexplicably decided that the best way to describe alleged FBI biases against President Donald Trump was to compare them to racist police officers patrolling black neighborhoods. Because a cartoonish bigot paying lip service to systemic racial biases in law enforcement in order to carry water for a president who is probably under personal criminal investigation isn’t grossly inappropriate, right?


Here’s the clip:

The comments came after co-host Juan Williams questioned the extremely questionable motives behind the White House’s eagerness to release the so-called “Nunes Memo,” which alleges some sort of prejudice in the FBI’s Russia probe.

“If there is a biased cop patrolling a black neighborhood that doesn’t like black people, wouldn’t you suspect that bad cop?” Watters said. “So if there is a biased FBI agent that doesn’t like Donald Trump and he is overseeing the investigation, wouldn’t you question that too?”

Now is probably as good a time as any to point out that even Watters’ mother is increasingly worried about her son’s growing role as cable news’ biggest dipshit.


Faced with Watters’ inexplicable pivot toward “biased cops,” Williams meanwhile could only muster a stunned “holy smokes.”

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