Watch a UFO Take Out The Taliban

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According to the Daily Mail, Afghanistan doesn't need NATO anymore because E.T’s been kicking the Taliban’s ass lately.


The U.K.-based gossip site claims that U.S. Marines recorded unbelievable footage of what looks to be 'an unidentified aircraft from outer space' hovering over a supposed Taliban base and blowing it to smithereens.



The extra help couldn't have come at a more appropriate time as NATO forces continue their withdrawal from the terrorist laden country. Interestingly enough, the video claiming to have been shot back in March debuted on Youtube’s channel 'Section 51' just days ago. Any correlation to Area 51? We digress…

Thankfully, the Daily Mail’s viewers are smarter than its editors, hence the wonderfully appropriate comments section where readers are directed to another YouTube video titled "US Fighter Jet Destroys Car Bomb Factory."


Hmm, is it just us, or do those videos look rather similar in nature? Still, what is the mysterious aircraft Section 51 was able to uncover with its enhanced camera lens and zoom?

Is it an Imperial Star Destroyer? Possibly. There’s a similar structure in terms of design but not necessarily size relative to our planet. How about a Klingon Bird of Prey? The three wing design certainly correlates to the triangular shape seen during the strike. Not to mention the energy field on the nose of a Bird of Prey could be the light source seen on the UFO. Even still, the curved edges of that particular Klingon warship would have been obvious.


Let’s turn once again to the rather savvy readers of the Daily Mail for insight. Some claim it looks an awful lot like a B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber, or perhaps a TR-3B anti-gravity craft. According to Google Image Search, both are theoretically possible.

One thing we can all agree on comes from a genius named Redseef. "Expand the picture and will[sic] see a dark color around the UFO. It is clearly a photo shop."


As they say: You, sir, have won the Internet for the day.

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