Watch an artist chase the world Tetris high score...LIVE

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Today, right now, in fact, you can watch Rutherford Chang play Tetris in stunning standard definition on a technological marvel: a Nintendo Game Boy


At noon Eastern time, as part of Rhizome's Real Live Online exhibition, Chang will attempt to unseat the global champion of Game Boy Tetris.

Right now Chang has the second highest score in the world on Tetris for Game Boy, according the video game records organization Twin Galaxies. He comes in right after architect Uli Horner. (Fun fact: Steve Wozniak is 6th). Chang set his second place record in September last year. A video of that game is archived on his YouTube Channel, Drofrehtur Gnahc, along with 1556 of his other play sessions:

Chang's performance piece isn't simply about beating Horner; he also sees it as a metaphor for the workplace. In an interview with The Guardian last week he said that the game reflects "the way capitalism makes us work, where you have to achieve more than others…It’s endless, and it’s for everyone."

Strongly agree. You can watch Chang play on Rhizome.

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