CNN / Screen Capture

Throughout this maelstrom of anĀ campaignĀ season, it's been conservative pundit and former Jeb Bush staffer Ana Navarro who hasĀ emerged as one of the most high-profile voices to speakĀ out against Donald Trump.

On Wednesday, Navarro appeared alongside longtime Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes on CNN's "New Day." Eventually, Hughes made the fatal error of calling Navarro "selfish" for refusing to vote for bothĀ Donald Trump orĀ Hillary Clinton.

"If I have voted for the Republican nominee every single time in my lifetime, and this year I feel compelled to be repelled and repulsed, and reject that man, itĀ is my right, and it is what I will do,ā€ Navarro exclaimed. ā€œAnd you are nobody to question my choice!"

"You know what?," Navarro continued, as Hughes sputtered next to her. "I was a Republican when [Trump]Ā was a Democrat. I was a Republican when he was an independent! And Iā€™m goingĀ to be a Republican when he gets tired of playing this little game. So none of youā€” not you, who came onto the scene just a little bit agoā€”are going to question my Republican gravitas, and my ability and my choice!"

Call the hospital, Hughes is headed to the burn ward.