Watch Ana Navarro's stinging warning for Donald Trump about the Women's March

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CNN commentator and frequent Donald Trump critic Ana Navarro had some harsh words for anyone who dismissed this weekend's massive Women's Marches as a pity-party, or easily ignored flash in the pan.


"It's an awesome message of democracy in action," the longtime GOP operative and former Jeb Bush aide explained during a panel discussion with CNN host Don Lemon. "Whether it's going to be a moment or a movement, none of us know, but we do know that they made history."

Navarro also fielded criticism from fellow panelist Alice Stewart, who suggested the march somehow embodied "a shared sentence of victimhood."

"I didn’t feel a sense of victimhood," Navarro retorted. "I will tell you I felt a sense of girl power, and empowerment."

Navarro continued, pivoting toward a broader message—one which seemed conspicuously aimed at President Trump, who had initially criticized the historic marches.

"Any man who’s watching this right now, any man who’s got a daughter, a wife, a girlfriend, a mother, knows that one pissed off woman is a lot on your hands,” Navarro said. “Three million pissed off women marching in the streets of the United States should make everyone’s little ears perk up."

After Women's march, one question remains — What's next?

— CNN Tonight (@CNNTonight) January 24, 2017