Watch: Donald Trump once hired an unqualified teenager for the creepiest reason


What would President Donald Trump's cabinet look like? Depending on who applies, it could be filled with good-looking teenagers.

Trump frequently tells his supporters that he only hires “the best people.” Now, thanks to a tape of a 2007 speech reported by the New York Daily News, we know that “the best people” sometimes means the most attractive and unqualified teenager who walks through the door.


During a question and answer portion of the 2007 speech, a young woman in the crowd asked the reality TV star “how many planes” he had—and if she could “apply to be a flight attendant.”

Trump then beckoned her onto the stage with him and began to recount what would turn out to be one of his creepiest anecdotes to date.

“I had a case, it was very interesting—a beautiful girl who was 17 or 18 applied to be a waitress,” Trump told the crowd, nonchalantly describing the line of demarcation for legal adulthood.


“She’s so beautiful, and my people came to me and said, ‘Mr. Trump, she has no experience,’” Trump recalled. “So I interviewed her anyway because she was so pretty, and I said, ‘Let me ask you: Do you have any experience?’ And she said, ‘No, sir.’ And I said, ‘When can you start?’”

Trump then went for in for an awkward cheek kiss with the woman he had invited on stage. “You can work on my plane anytime,” he told her, without asking about her qualifications.


Trump had plenty of opportunities to hire a host of inexperienced flight attendants during the three years between 1989 and 1992 when he owned and operated his own airline. After a series of bad business decisions and an expensive remodeling campaign that included gold-plated bathroom fixtures, Trump ran his airline into the ground.

The latest anecdote about hiring a "17 or 18" year old serves as a good reminder of just what a creep (and worse) Trump can be.


It’s not clear whether Trump plans to replicate his beauty-based hiring practice in the oval office or if he plans to throw in a talent section. Maybe prospective cabinet appointees will have to at least answer a question about current affairs.

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