Watch Donald Trump Try to Charm the Irish Prime Minister in the Most Cringeworthy Way

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

In his first phone call with Ireland’s newly-elected prime minister on Tuesday, President Donald Trump tried to charm him by saying he knows basically all the Irish-Americans in this country. Sigh.


“Well, congratulations on your great victory, we have so many people from Ireland in this country,” Trump began the call with Leo Varadkar, the country’s youngest and first openly gay prime minister, while shakily reading off a piece of paper. “I know so many of them, too. I feel I know all of them.”

Observing cross-cultural norms can be difficult to navigate. I guess, for now, we should be thankful we didn’t have to hear Trump making a similarly weird comment to, say, the prime minister of Morocco.

Managing Editor, Splinter