This weekend, Jamie Dornan visited The Graham Norton Show, the latest stop in his Fifty Shades of Grey public humiliation tour. Norton gleefully unveiled a cake made to resemble Dornan's character, sadistic billionaire Christian Grey.

Baker Rose Dummer reports that it took her team more than two weeks to construct the life-sized dessert — it didn't go bad in the meantime? — which comes complete with an edible licorice flogger. This is obviously an impressive feat of pastry, even if the face looks a bit more like a melty Robert Pattinson. (Our biggest criticism: cake Christian Grey is wearing slouchy, distressed cake jeans. Not buying it.)

Norton slices Grey's fondant stomach open, giving us all a sense of what Fifty Shades might look like remade as a niche horror movie. Try as he might to hide under his thick beard, Dornan — whose regret over deciding to have anything to do with this movie is, as always, painfully palpable — was obliged to try a bite.


Yup, that's what selling your soul to the Devil tastes like. Watch the full segment here:

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