Watch Fox News Try to Connect Bilingual Education to Terrorism

People are grappling for answers in the wake of the London terrorist attack. Why do such terrible things happen? Fear not, for sentient beef jerky and conservative talking head Charles Krauthammer has found the problem: children learning different languages.

“I think the bilingual education fad was a terrible mistake because it created separateness,” Krauthammer explained on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show Monday night. “When you add to that the monoclonal immigration, meaning, it is not from around the world, it’s not from — equally distributed the way it was 100 years ago at Ellis Island, but it is mostly Hispanic speaking and you end up in a community where you don’t get to learn English. I think that is the problem.”

Rather than point out that, perhaps, blaming a generation of children who are being taught in both English and Spanish for America’s woes is completely bonkers, host Tucker Carlson gamely vomited his own expert opinion into the mix.


“What are our shared values?,” Carlson added a few minutes later. “If you believe in multiculturalism, then, by definition, you are not going to rise to defend your culture because it is equal to every other culture.”

Yes, who needs a melting pot when we can just all eat a jar of room-temperature mayonnaise?

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