Watch Ivanka Trump Get Booed and Heckled by Germans for Saying Her Dad Loves Families

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White House “special assistant” Ivanka Trump is in Germany this week, attending the W-20 summit of global female leaders alongside actual entrepreneurs and politicians.


On Tuesday, Ivanka spoke on a conference panel alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whom her father infamously snubbed during their White House summit in March. Nevertheless, Ivanka insisted that when it comes to families and female leadership, Donald Trump is actually “a tremendous champion.”

The crowd wasn’t having it.


When asked to address the waves of boos and hisses from the crowd—and her father’s overall, y’know, incredibly shitty record with women—Ivanka pivoted as only a bona-fide Trump can:

“I’ve certainly heard the criticism from the media,” she claimed, as members of the panel’s audience audibly laughed.

Ivanka... Willkommen.

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