Watch Martin O'Malley sing Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' on 'The View'

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How do you do, fellow kids? Did you know that Martin O'Malley sang a Taylor Swift song on The View*? Hoverboards.


The Democratic presidential hopeful hit up the daytime talk show Tuesday, The Hill reports. At one point during the visit, O'Malley whipped out an acoustic guitar and started playing "Bad Blood." Dozens in the audience clapped, none of them on the beat.

While introducing the song, O'Malley referenced Swift's fallout with Katy Perry, the rumored inspiration for the 1989 track. He also changed one of the lyrics ("So, take a look what you've do-o-one") to make it grammatically correct ("So, take a look at what you-ou've done"). If there's one thing kids love more than vaaaaaaaaaaaaaapin' memes it's prepositions.


* The View airs on ABC, which is a parent company of Fusion. This story has been updated.

Bad at filling out bios seeks same.

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