Watch: Meteorologist asked on-air to put sweater over black beaded dress because who even knows

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

A meteorologist for KTLA in Los Angeles was given a sweater on-air after viewers emailed to complain about the black beaded dress she was wearing.


Liberté Chan was delivering a cloudy forecast when someone handed her a sweater. “You want me to put this on?” she asked. “Why? Because it’s cold?” A man answered “we’re getting a lot of emails.”

After putting the sweater on, Chan apologized for wearing the dress. She posted a video on Facebook explaining her decision to wear it, saying she had brought another dress to wear but it didn't work with the green screen.

Although her co-anchor said they had "never before received so many emails" and the response was "50-50" about the dress, the video of Chan putting on the sweater has gone viral with sympathy.


This is not the first time Chan’s wardrobe has gone viral: Earlier this year, she wore a green dress that blended in perfectly with the green screen, causing her to look transparent.