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Macklemore joined President Obama in his weekly address on Saturday to talk about opioid addiction.


The video comes on the same day as the White House issued a statement calling on Congress to pass $1.1 billion in funding to “make sure that every American opioid use disorder who wants treatment can get it.”

Macklemore also stopped by the White House on Thursday to film a documentary for MTV about drug addiction. The rapper has been public with his own struggles with addiction, including a 2014 relapse.


Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ album “The Unruly Mess I’ve Made” features a song called “Kevin” about a friend of Macklemore’s who died of a drug overdose. In the video address with Obama, Macklemore discussed the 21-year-old friend.

Deaths from drug overdoses now top traffic accidents, according to the White House. Obama has pledged to work with law enforcement to treat addiction rather than prosecute and has said that Obamacare will cover the cost of treatment.

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