Last night, Drake dropped "Jungle," an introspective, atmospheric meditation on fame and the rapper's Toronto roots. The 15-minute short film, directed by Karim Huu Do, teases new music over the closing credits, but its gorgeous visuals alone make it a worthwhile watch — not to mention its excellent use of childhood home-video footage. This is peak Drake.

Our favorite Wheels Ontario Degrassi alum delivers an opening monologue that basically serves as the film's thesis statement:

"Shit's just crazy. The whole energy out here's just changing, you know? It's getting dark, man, quick… I'm drinking more, I'm smoking more — you know, we're out here staying up so late that it's early, like, fuck… I just gotta come home."

Ladies and gentlemen, there is some ~acting~ happening here. Drake gets moody in the back seat of a car.

Semi-Baby Drake hangs in T-Dot with his early-2000s crew.


Full-On Baby Drake (those glasses!) adorably sings Kenny Lattimore's "Never Too Busy" with his dad.

Later, Full-On Baby Drake even more adorably raps along to "Ready or Not." Baby Drake, I will adopt you, and then when you are an adult, I will marry you. (On second thought, this is perhaps not my best plan.)


After wandering through the desolately gray city and reconnecting with some old friends, Grownup Drake tries getting moody in the front seat of a car.


In a fantasy sequence, Grownup Drake explores a red-lit club, though the other patrons are seemingly frozen in place. This is probably a metaphor, right?

Here's "Jungle" in its entirety.


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