Watch out, Phoenix criminals: The BOLT FORCE is here

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Phoenix is a city under siege. A sniper has been firing BBs and bullets at vehicles driving on Interstate 10. After 11 different cars have been hit, police are stumped.

Who you gonna call? Bolt Force!

According to its website, Bolt Force is "a well trained Armed Volunteer Crime Fighting Force made up mostly of former law enforcement, current and/or former bounty hunters,​ bodyguards, security and military personnel," and they've pledged to hunt down the freeway sniper and bring him or her to justice.

Bolt is the leader of Bolt Force. He's the stoic calm at the center of the storm. His pupils are completely black with little lightning bolts coming off them, either because of cosmetic contact lenses or possible super-powers.


Bolt Force's website says Bolt used to work for a private security company, but that he grew frustrated with the limitations there. That's what led him assemble Bolt Force "so he could fight crime as a citizen without any limitations other than the laws of the land."

Some other important things to know about Bolt Force from its website:

  • "BOLT FORCE is the first of its kind in the nation! Unlike the Guardian Angels​ we are dressed in black body armor and armed."​​​
  • "We dress all in black to be stealthy when fighting crime at night, we wear body armor only for our protection from criminals and carry weapons only for our protection."
  • "​Bolt Force is real live danger, excitement and drama each night we go out. It is not fake! It's Reality!"
  • "If you cannot legally carry a weapon then you cannot be a member of Bolt Force."

Despite a communication error with law enforcement that led to Bolt being briefly detained, and more than a few mean comments on their Facebook page, Bolt Force is still on the case. The city of Phoenix can rest easy knowing they're being watched over through eerily-opaque eyes.