Watch Pastor Condemn Trump's 'Shithole' Comments With Mike Pence in the Front Row

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Vice President Mike Pence spent Sunday morning—the day before Martin Luther King Day—at the predominantly black Metropolitan Baptist Church in Maryland. There, he sat in the front row while Pastor Maurice Watson used the opportunity to condemn President Donald Trump’s racist outburst against immigrants from “shithole” countries. According to those in attendance, Pence was decidedly less than amused.

“There are members of this church who are from Africa, who are from Haiti. They call me pastor,” Watson began, as his congregants applauded. He went on to describe Trump’s “alleged” comments as “hurtful,” “guttural,” and “dehumanizing” (Wason declined to actually use the phrase “shithole,” explaining he couldn’t say the word in church).

“I stand today as your pastor to vehemently denounce and reject such characterizations of the nations of Africa and our brothers and sisters in Haiti,” Watson continued, bringing worshipers to their feet in applause.

Pence reportedly grew “visibly red-faced” at various portions during the sermon. (Pence’s office has denied that he was red-faced, because that’s where we are as a country.)


Cameras showed Pence sitting in the front row, though the color of his face could not be fully determined.

“My friends and members from Haiti and Africa: You are owed an apology,” Watson stated at one point during his sermon. “But you probably won’t get one.”

President Trump, meanwhile, reportedly spent Martin Luther King Day on the links at his private Mar a Lago golf course.

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