Watch Ronaldo's genius but inhuman system for taking selfies with as many fans as possible

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Everyone knows that on the pitch, that soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo is a genius. The Real Madrid forward has now applied that same talent off the field.


The "Best of Football" Instagram account has captured Ronaldo's system for taking as many selfies as possible in a given amount of time.

It was apparently an attempt to set the world record for taking as many selfies as possible to promote his new feature-length documentary called, improbably, "Ronaldo."


Fans moved, conveyor-belt-like, through the line until they reach the star, whose expression doesn't move a muscle the entire time. They then presumably pick up the photos elsewhere.

UK's Complex reports Ronaldo ultimately failed to break the world record set by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, at 105.

Still: Brilliant.

Here's another clip via Vine:


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