Watch Samantha Bee's beautifully enraged reaction to the Orlando shooting

On Monday evening, late-night talk show hosts found themselves, once again, tasked with the unenviable, perhaps even impossible job of entertaining a nation reeling from a horrific event— this time, the murder of at least 49 people at Pulse, an LGBTQ nightclub in Orlando, Florida.


"Maybe there's a lesson from all this," Jimmy Fallon said. "A lesson in tolerance."

"Love gives up hope that change is possible," Stephen Colbert told his audience. "Love allows us to change the script."


But love and tolerance weren't the emotions of choice for "Full Frontal" host Samantha Bee. Instead, in a nearly eight-minute segment for Monday night's show, she chose rage.

"After a massacre," Bee explained, "the standard operating procedure is that you stand on stage and deliver some well meaning words about how we will get through this together, how love wins, how love conquers hate, and that is great, that is beautiful, but you know what? Fuck it. I am too angry for that. Love does not win unless we start loving each other enough to fix our fucking problems."

With that, Bee launched into nearly eight minutes of perfectly calibrated outrage, exasperation, and frustration at the politics and policies that have allowed the United States to become a horrifying shooting gallery. It was funny, and heartfelt, and above all else, carried a sense of urgency unlike any of her late-night peers' monologues.

She paid attention to Orlando shooter Omar Mateen, but she saved her most vicious excoriation for the elected officials who offer little but prayer as a solution to the mass shooting epidemic— and for the gun lobby that wants to make sure things stay that way.

"There is no shortage of troubled 20-somethings out there. And whether they're radicalized by ISIS, or homophobia, or white nationalism, or a dislike of movies, we are making it far too easy for their derangement to kill us. So until we, as a nation, find the political will to reject a mass shooting per-day as the price of freedom, I'm just gonna pray: Are you there God? It's me, Sam. Please bless the victims and their friends and families in their time of unspeakable pain. Give us the courage to say 'no more' and while you're at it, please send the NRA a plague of boils. Amen."


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