Watch the best short films from the Fusion Doc Challenge

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Back in November, a number of filmmakers participated in the Fusion Doc Challenge. The artists had five days to put together a short, non-fiction documentary film. The emerging films ran the narrative gamut, from a portrait of an Oklahoma drag queen to an in-depth look at our feelings surrounding Genetically Modified Organisms.


Check out all the finalists below, and start voting for your favorites:

All Gut Things

Texas German, a unique German dialect developed in Central Texas, was once a thriving language with over 100,000 dominant speakers during it's peak. Today, it is on the verge of extinction. All Gut Things looks at the rise and fall of this all-but-forgotten piece of history through the eyes of the last generation of native speakers, and the people who are trying to preserve the culture.


Aaron James, an Oklahoma drag queen, strives to find his true identity in a red state.



The film industry is changing with the development of new technologies, which could be destroying local theaters and fading away the use of film.



GMOtional looks at the complex feelings surrounding genetically modified organisms. We meet Missoula residents with varying opinions on the subject, including an avid gardener who is an unexpected advocate for GMO technology, and a fifteen-year-old student in an alternative high school whose life has been changed by a recent introduction to organic gardening.

Hector Picard


Hector faces challenges while living with a disability.

I am Juli


A South African Doctor finds herself right in the middle of the breakout of the recent Ebola pandemic.

In the Headlights


A look at the shocking and controversial work of four artists from London, Berlin, and New York who share a common message.

Jerry Brown's Bucking Bulls


A father and and his only child work to sustain a family legacy of bull riding on the outskirts of a growing city.

Libero, Middle, Right


Three college seniors prepare to compete in what could be their final volleyball match.

Level Up


After a craigslist transaction turns violent, a community of online gamers band together to support their fallen teammate.

Molly and the Cards


In a fast-paced world equal parts skeptic and trendy towards the spiritual, Molly offers her own flavor of healing through tarot.

Pure Cowboy


Local Ellensburg cowboy, Orlun McGuffin, competes against some of the best Bareback riders in the world at the PRCA Columbia River Prorodeo Circuit Finals.

Moment of Glitch


Two Chicago-based new media artists highlight the art of 'malfunctioning' technology — do not be alarmed, embrace the beauty.

Wake Up


A filmmaker explores her role in three generations of women artists through photographs, films, and conversations left unspoken.

What If


Some results change your life forever. A young woman must take a pregnancy test in a moment of crisis, when everything is uncertain.

On the Street and Under feet


The profiles of two artists who decided to risk it all to follow their passion.

Quiet Culture


Enough of the silence.

Third Culture Kids


Kids from around the world try their chances in China, even if they have a bad feeling about it. After couple of years, they are still there.