Watch the epic 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' anthem for everyone with big boobs

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In addition to being really, really funnyCrazy Ex-Girlfriend is one of very few television shows that understands what it's actually like to live inside a woman's body. Case in point: This musical tribute to "Heavy Boobs," from the episode that will air tonight.

Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) sings of how her ample breasts—"Dense like dying stars… they each have their own memoirs"—are one part blessing, two parts curse. It's a sharp reality check for the mammary-obsessed: "If you cut them open, they're just sacs of yellow fat."

At least big boobs know how to make themselves useful. The characteristically witty lyrics enumerate various objects that Rebecca can hold under her chest, a list that includes both a paperback copy of Arabian Nights and a hardback copy of Wuthering Heights.


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend airs at 8 p.m. Mondays on The CW.

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