Watch the Fusion Libertarian Forum with Gary Johnson and William Weld

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Today, Fusion is hosting an exclusive forum with Libertarian Party presidential and vice presidential candidates Gary Johnson and William Weld. The Fusion Libertarian Forum is being moderated by Jorge Ramos and Alicia Menendez, with contributions from a range of Fusion contributors, and will cover a wide variety of issues affecting the rising American mainstream.


With both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton facing an electorate that widely dislikes both of them, the Libertarian ticket has been receiving unprecedented levels of support and attention in 2016. Johnson is polling at an average of nearly 9% in recent surveys, and there's a small but significant chance that he could eventually hit the 15% average needed to win him a place in the upcoming presidential debates. It would be the first time a third party candidate was in the debates since Ross Perot's 1992 bid.

The Fusion Libertarian Forum will feature discussions about Johnson and Weld's stances on issues of criminal justice, the environment, student debt, LGBTQ rights, and more.

Watch here on Wednesday, August 17th, beginning at 1 PM ET!

Daniel Rivero is a producer/reporter for Fusion who focuses on police and justice issues. He also skateboards, does a bunch of arts related things on his off time, and likes Cuban coffee.