Watch the University of Kansas' Jane Doe 7 talk about her experience reporting sexual assault

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A young woman who is suing the University of Kansas has publicly come forward in a powerful YouTube video about her experience reporting sexual assault.

“My name is Sarah McClure, or as you may know me, Jane Doe 7,” Sarah McClure said in a YouTube video released this week.

McClure, a member of the rowing team, alleges she was sexually assaulted by a football player and the school failed to investigate the assault. According to the Kansas City Star, McClure and fellow rower Daisy Tackett are accusing the same football player of sexual assault. This week, McClure and her family joined in a class-action lawsuit filed by Tackett's parents.


In the class-action lawsuit, they seek class-action status under the Consumer Protection Act, claiming the school misrepresented itself as safe.

McClure filed a lawsuit against the school in April, where she was referred to as "Jane Doe 7," and where she alleges the school violated Title IX, the law that protects against gender discrimination and sexual assault. McClure claims in the lawsuit that KU failed to provide safe housing and failed to properly investigate the sexual assault claims.

“I feel like the University of Kansas values football players and the sport of football over the success of women on campus,” McClure writes on her website,

McClure began her freshman year at KU in August 2015, and she alleges she was assaulted five days after classes began, according to The Washington Post. She told the Post that she reported the incident in October, first to a team psychologist, then to campus security and the Lawrence, Kansas police and a team trainer. She told the Post she then turned to Office of Institutional Opportunity and Access, which investigates sexual assaults. She says in the video was “slow to provide the promises they made.”


McClure said the rowing coaches retaliated against her. “KU allowed my coaches to retaliate,” she says in the video. “No one should ever have to go through the things they said to me.”

The alleged assailant played in the first seven games of 2015 but not the last five, according to the Kansas City Star. He has reportedly since agreed to withdraw from school, although McClure says he was still registered for the spring semester.


Tackett filed a lawsuit against KU in March claiming the school had violated Title IX for failing to protect her after she was allegedly stalked and harassed after she filed a report to the Office of Institutional Opportunity and Access. She alleges she was sexually assaulted in fall 2014, but she did not come forward for a year, when she learned the same man had allegedly assaulted another student.

Tackett has since left KU. KU responded to her suit by saying the university is not at fault, according to the Star.


In a statement to The Washington Post, a KU spokeswoman said the school had “thoroughly investigated Ms. McClure’s allegations, and as a result, the accused student is no longer enrolled at KU.”

McClure and her family have started a website, “From our perspective, KU did everything within its power to keep us quiet, attempting to make us go away, and hide the facts,” the website states.

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