Watch the wokest 10-year-old in America explain how the justice system is rigged

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the wokest of them all?

Uh, hello! Clearly it's this 10-year-old.

Watch as he calmly, rationally, and totally convincingly lays out why our criminal justice system is skewed in favor of the haves, over the have-nots.


Ultimately, he explains, it's a question of cash: "The people who have the money always pay their way out."

So how did this classroom Socrates reach such a wise-beyond-his-years conclusion? Amazingly, it was with the help of the FX Network's runaway hit, American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson.

"[O.J.] literally paid his way out of jail," he explains. "It wasn't from his lawyer, it wasn't from the jury. It was the way that he represented himself. It was the way that he paid people to let him free."

Pretty impressive for a kid who wasn't even born when the "trial of the century" was actually going on.


@NaomiYitna, the woman behind the camera, explained on Twitter: "I went to an elementary school to mentor kids on debating & was fascinated with him so I decided to record!"

May we all aspire to someday be as woke as this kid is today.