WATCH: The world's longest waterslide was just certified at what used to the be the world's most dangerous waterpark

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The fastest way to travel through New Jersey may now be via waterslide.

This month, Guinness World Records certified the new 1,975-foot water slide at New Jersey's Action Park as the longest in the world.


The slide project was actually the brainchild of Jimi Hunt, head of a New Zealand-based mental health awareness group called Live More Awesome.

He set up the slide in that country in February, and not long after Action Park got wind of it. They convinced Hunt to make the Vernon, N.J.-based park the slide's permanent home; the foundation and the park also worked with the Travel Channel to produce a segment on the slide.

Here are the specs: It is made up of 10,000 feet of PVC plastic, cut into twenty 100-foot sections, each weighing 600 lbs.

It uses 1,000 gallons of water an hour, furnished from nearby Mountain Creek Resort's snowmaking system, and requires two generators and 15 blowers to operate.

There are no weight restrictions.

While the average waterslide takes 10 to 30 seconds to descend, Action Park's takes at least a minute, and up to 90 seconds.


Unfortunately, Action Park reps say the slide is still going through the state licensure process, so it could be awhile before it's open to the public.

But park rep Lauren Scudato told Fusion that Action Park, the original incarnation of which infamously closed after a spate of fatalities, hopes to make itself the unnamed waterslide's permanent home. The park is owned by the Koffman Family, headed by northeast resort and entertainment magnate Burton Koffman.


Watch it above.

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