Watch this big, beautiful wall get in Donald Trump’s way

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In an effort to avoid the increasingly tense protests outside the California GOP convention, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump was forced to take a circuitous route into the Burlingame, California, Hyatt Regency, where he was scheduled to speak on Friday.

En route to the convention, Trump's motorcade pulled to the shoulder of the road, and the candidate—flanked on all sides by security—got out of his car, and navigated his way by foot through a set of heavy concrete barricades, before crossing a shallow ditch outside the hotel.

Walls, like the one upon which Trump's campaign is largely predicated, are seemingly no match for a candidate headed to a speaking engagement. Whether the experience of easily crossing an ersatz border fence will make the business mogul reconsider his cornerstone campaign promise remains to be seen.


The irony, however, is right there in plain view.