Watch this black pastor lead an ecstatic RNC crowd in an 'All Lives Matter' chant

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

If their reaction on Thursday was anything to go by, nothing gets the people at the Republican National Convention going like a chant of "All Lives Matter!"

Mark Burns, a black pastor speaking at the event, exhorted the crowd to join him in the chant. The reaction was joyous.


Burns, who is the founder and president of the South Carolina-based Christian NOW Television Network and who has accused Hillary Clinton of "black genocide" for supporting abortion, made "unity" a big theme of his speech. Burns gave the benediction on Monday night at the RNC.


After leading the crowd in the chant, Burns said that while he disagrees with the "tactics and divisive rhetoric of the Black Lives Matter movement, I do understand that hopelessness and lack of opportunity breeds desperation."

But, Burns insisted, Trump is the person to bring jobs and "long-term solutions" to unify the country.


"Despite the color you was born with, here in America,  the only colors that matter are red, white and blue," Burns yelled to the crowd before enthusiastically endorsing Trump.

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