Watch this Nigeria man's 'gay demon' get exorcised

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The night was young, the water refreshing. As Tedus jumped into the pool with his new found friends in the hotel, he had no premonition that such a quick dip would have such calamitous consequences. The night soon drifted into a nightmare - a garish dream filled with naked men wallowing in the very same water he had earlier exited. Waking in a cold sweat, something had changed. A strange presence.


So begins the description of a video posted in May by EmmanuelTV, a Christian broadcast group based in Lagos Nigeria. The video was spotted today by Christian Post.

In May, the group posted the clip showing the apparent resolution of the further calamities that befell Tedus, "a flourishing young Nigerian businessman planning his marriage," in the weeks after the pool incident.

Inexplicably deciding to break up with his fiancé, he soon nursed his lust for men by downloading gay pornography on the internet. This eventually rippled into several strange relationships as affection for his fellow men took over his faculties.

In fact, Tedus eventually seemed to have accepted his sexuality.

The church, however, did not.

His work as a translator in a popular church merely a facade for his nocturnal misadventures, Tedus considered being gay as 'normal', not realising a spirit was behind his sudden change in affection.

Eventually an encounter with a priest convinced Tedus that an exorcism was in order. The result is above.

All homosexual activities - both physically and spiritually - have come to a complete end as the affection for men disappeared as quickly as it came. Whereas before his relationship with God was practically non-existent, Tedus explained he now has a zeal to pray and read the Bible, choosing to no longer engage in the carefree, partying lifestyle that led him to trouble in the first place.


Tedus also said he now plans to get married to a woman named Jessy.

Homosexuality has basically been criminalized in Nigeria. A law passed last year banned same-sex marriage and made any homosexual acts, associations, or meetings punishable by up to 14 years in jail. A recent Pew report found the country was the least tolerant of homosexuality in the entire world.


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