Watch U2 pull two Mexican teenagers on stage for a guitar jam

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Amid chants of “Ole!” and “Viva Mexico!”, legendary rock band U2 pulled two young Mexican brothers from the crowd at a recent show in Ireland, handing them guitars to play on stage.


"You can play the guitar?" Bono asked the nodding older sibling who draped himself in the Mexican flag.

Then the band and the two brothers, who identified themselves as Alex and Paco, launched into the song "Angel of Harlem."


And the young Mexicans stole the show:

It’s unclear if the kids’ appearance was planned or was a spur of the moment decision by the band.

The younger sibling, Paco, is a self-described diehard U2 fan who has been following the band around the globe on its current tour. Back in May, he was also invited on stage during a concert in Los Angeles to sing alongside Bono.

U2 has a huge following in Mexico, although the band’s relationship with fans has at times been strained. At a 1997 show in Mexico City, the son of then-President Ernesto Zedillo allegedly tried to make his way into a restricted area during the concert in an incident that sparked a fight between U2’s security guards and the Mexican secret service, resulting in the hospitalization of one of the band’s bodyguards.


The band didn’t return to Mexico to play again until their 2006 Vertigo Tour. U2 has since returned regularly for shows, with Bono praising Mexico and often making statements onstage about how U.S. drug consumption and the flow of weapons are fueling the drug war south of the border. “We sing this for the innocents who have lost their lives in the violence here,” he said during a 2011 Mexico City show.

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