Three years ago, as the Affordable Care Act was going into effect, late night host Jimmy Kimmel took to the streets to ask Americans whether they knew the difference between the ACA and Obamacare, the nickname for the same legislation that may have been coined by Mitt Romney.

This week, as Republicans in Congress have started the unpopular process of repealing Obama's landmark health care law, Kimmel asked Americans the same questions again.


"With all the attention being paid to this subject lately, we decided to ask this question again to see if Americans have learned anything over the last three years," Kimmel said on Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The answer, based on this segment, is no.

"I believe with Obamacare the premiums are too high, so I believe in the Affordable Care Act," one man says.


"One is you pay, and the other is Obama pays for you," another man says, when asked what the difference is between ACA and Obamacare.

The clip is an indication of how misinformed many Americans still are about the Affordable Care Act, even as some 18 million stand to lose their health insurance if it's repealed.