We Don't Talk Enough About Inappropriate Pop Songs You Sang as a Tween

Alexandra DiPalma and Romina Puga

Picture a time when you owned one of these, wore some of these, and wrote letters to your future-self threatening to stop everything if you hadn't married Nick Carter by now.

Now picture the mornings when your mom (or dad) used to drive you to school and you would put in No Strings Attached and blast "Digital Get Down" singing every word into your parent's face while gyrating like awkward bodied 12-year-olds do. INAPPROPRIATE.


At the time you probably thought Justin was being futuristic with his dance suggestions, but as a 10-year-old who spent her after school time deciphering lyrics instead of playing sports I can tell you he was singing about good old fashioned, pre-snapchat and Facetime, cyber sex.

Sidebar: As a die-hard BSB fan I snitched on my NSYNC-fan-friend and told her mom she was listening to SEX music. I was the worst.

But we're not here to talk about our life's regrets. We're here to discuss those lyrics you sang proudly in your "My Dad Thinks I'm Awesome" top that you should not have been mouthing. This is our guess of what they really meant.

1. NSYNC “Digital Get Down”

First lines: Every time I’m sitting home alone girl, I can’t wait to get you on the phone girl, so pick it up babe, I can see everything you do. Bouncin’ me from satellite to satellite, I love the things you do for me so late at night.”


What They Really Mean: Sexting before smartphones.

More lines: I see you on the screen, I get to freaking. So get down babe and I’ll get down for you.


What They Really Mean: “Freaking” = “masturbation."

2. Next “Too Close”


Chorus: Baby when we’re grinding, I get so excited. Oh how I like it, I try but I can’t fight it. Oh you’re dancing real close, and we’re swaying real slow, you’re making it hard for me.

What They Really Mean: I’m about to get a boner.

More lines: Step back you’re dancing kinda close, I feel a little poke coming through, on you.


What They Really Mean: Now I definitely have a boner.

3. 5ive "Slam Dunk Da Funk"


First lines: Do you wanna get freaky when the five of us make one?


What They Really Mean: Gangbang.

4. O-Town “Liquid Dreams”


First line: Posters of love surrounding me, lost in the world of fantasy. Every night she comes to me and gives me all the love I need.

What They Really Mean: Swap “love” for “boobs”

More lines: Now this hot girl, she's not your average girl, she's a morpharotic dream from a magazine.


What They Really Mean: “Morpharotic” is not a word.

Even more lines: She's a dominatrix supermodel beauty queen.


What They Really Mean: ???

Worst lines: My mama thinks I'm lazy, my friends all think I'm crazy. But in my mind, I leave the world behind every night I dream.


What They Really Mean: Your mom thinks you’re lazy because you don't do anything except masturbate in your room and your friends think you’re a f*cking freak.

BONUS: If you're wondering what the tweens are wearing nowadays you're in for a treat.


Alexandra DiPalma is a producer for Fusion Lightworks, Fusion’s In-house Branded Content Agency.

Romina Puga is a pop culture reporter and producer for Fusion. You can find her on "Fusion Now," Fusion's daily TV updates, going over new movies, music, apps, and why D'Angelo is still sexy.

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