We dropped a new RiseUp song, hear it here

Two-time Latin Grammy winner Juan Fonseca and jazz virtuoso Jon Batiste have joined forces to write a song for Fusion: RiseUp!


Though from very different backgrounds, Fonseca and Batiste found common ground in their passion for activism and their eclectic musical tastes. The final product, now available on iTunes, is called “RiseUp,” a powerful anthem for social change.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at how the song was recorded in the video above and listen to the full track on our SoundCloud here:


Fonseca and Jon Batiste will be performing the song live at Fusion: Rise Up event on November 19th, in Washington, D.C., as part of a one-hour concert and jam session directed by Grammy Award winning producer Andres Levin. The jam session will feature special guests known for their involvement in activism and philanthropy, including the Cuban singer and social justice advocate Cucu Diamantes and members of her critically acclaimed band Yerba Buena. Before and after the concert, Mari Malek, a.k.a. DJ Stiletto, a South Sudanese refugee turned super model, will be the DJ for the evening.

Video shot and produced by Kristofer Rios, Natalie Osma, and Jordi Oliveres and edited by Marisa Garcia de Celis.


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