We finally know the one thing Donald Trump doesn't want his name on

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Donald Trump loves to put his name on things: suits, steaks, and of course, skyscrapers, to name just a few of his licensing ventures. The president's (questionably successful) business empire is as much predicated on dolling out his monosyllabic surname—for a fee, of course!—as it was any sort of deal making acumen.


But, it turns out, there's one thing the president doesn't seem to want his name anywhere near: the Republican health care plan, which many are referring to as "Trumpcare."

When asked about what to call the increasingly unfeasible (not to mention morally abhorrent) Obamacare alternative, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer twisted himself into some sort of 8th dimensional contortionist's pose to avoid actually naming one of Trump's lynchpin campaign promises after the president.

Spicer: “The president is proud” of the American Health Care Act and working with Congress https://t.co/FNWZO0mQS3 https://t.co/Yovz4NMo5r

— CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) March 14, 2017

Speicer's dance echoes earlier attempts by White House advisor Kellyanne Conway to dodge the same question with Fox News host Bill Hemmer.

Why does the president's staff seem to think their boss doesn't want his name on the GOP's bill? Has the president merely embraced some deep reserve of humility no one on Earth believed he possessed? Or could there be some other reason?

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