BOULDER, Colo.—Grace Holden is something of an oddity on her college campus. The 20-year-old political science major from Indiana is openly supporting Donald Trump’s candidacy, which puts her in a small minority at the liberal University of Colorado Boulder, whose student body leans hard left.

“I think that I’m the only person wearing this hat on campus today,” she says with a laugh, referring to her Trump campaign cap. “People just kinda laugh when they see it.”

It’s a motto that resonates with Holden, and she hopes Trump is up to the challenge. But at Wednesday night's debate, she says the Republican candidate will have to convince her fellow students that “Make America Great” isn’t just a punch line uttered by a clown.

“Hopefully he does better on foreign policy than he did last time,” Holden said. “I think people want to hear the actual policy ideas that he has rather than just hearing him toy with other candidates like he did last time.”


How one protester in Boulder feels about Donald Trump
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She says her advice to Trump heading into the third Republican debate is “to start being more serious so that people don’t laugh when they see Make America Great.”


Holden says she thinks most people in Boulder dislike Trump just because he’s rich.

“I think that the people of Boulder can’t get past the money part," she says. "They think that he’s a greedy, stingy guy, and that’s kinda annoying 'cause he worked really hard for his money and, like, he has some good ideas about economic policies.”


Plus, she says, “He’s really honest, which is refreshing.”

Holden says she doesn’t yet consider herself a diehard Trump fan, but so far no other Republican candidates are doing it for her.


“I met Ted Cruz last night," she says, "but he kinda has a boring campaign.”