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Olivia Pope megafan Lena Dunham's guest appearance on Scandal finally has an airdate: March 19. Today, the Hollywood Reporter published sneak preview photos from the episode featuring the Girls creator.

In them, she is wearing a wig. This wig is bad. It is a bad wig.

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See? Bad.

Since she first cropped it short in 2012,¬†Dunham's hair has successfully run the gamut from a¬†platinum bowl cut¬†to an¬†improbably adorable shade of¬†green. Why couldn't we have stuck with one of those looks?¬†The color of the wig looks unsettlingly artificial, and the bob's severly blunt angle is bizarre ‚ÄĒ it's like they ripped it right off the scalp¬†of an inexplicably life-sized¬†American Girl doll. ¬†Even the wig Lena wore in a¬†Saturday Night Live sketch parodying¬†Scandal¬†last year was somehow much, much better than this.



THR reports that the episode will center around a woman, presumably Dunham, who intends to reveal the "sex secrets" of Washington power players. I would never confide my sex secrets to this hair. Who would?

That said, a good TV wig don't have to look good (in the IRL, flattering sense) if it reflects something meaningful about a person who's wearing it. Maybe that'll prove true here, but it's hard to dream up a character backstory that could explain away these bangs.

ABC / The Hollywood Reporter


Please, Olivia, fix this.

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