We set up a number you can text to get any presidential candidate's horoscope

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Over the next two years presidential candidates are going to spend millions of dollars on polls, statistics, demographics and focus groups.

Maybe all they really need to do is look up to the stars.

Okay, probably not. But after much strange, occasionally inexplicable behavior by presidential hopefuls over the last several weeks, we were curious what the Zodiac might have to say about the current crop of candidates. It's been a while since the White House had an official astrologer, so maybe the relative position of the astral bodies have some good advice for the current group of hopefuls.


We wrote an app that pulls the daily horoscope of each of the 21 declared presidential candidates from FindYourFate.com's public RSS feeds. If at any time you are curious about a certain candidate's horoscope, you can text that candidate's name to (334) 721-7989 and receive his or her daily reading.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Be aware that candidates with the same sign will return the same result. Note that none of the Democratic candidates share a sign, but a full quarter(!) of the Republicans are Virgos.

On our side, the program has already helped us better understand the actions of certain candidates. On Tuesday, Marco Rubio tweeted this:


Strange, right? Well, here's part of his horoscope for that day, via FindYourFate:

There may be fireworks in the air in terms of everyone`s mood…Don`t try to suppress what you want to say or do, but don`t let it all out in too dramatic a way either. Look after your health since you could be a touch highly strung.

Try not to get resentful because you are not getting all the appreciation your might like at work.


As of July 22nd, Rubio (a Gemini) was polling at 8% in the Republican field, behind Donald Trump, Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, and Dr. Ben Carson.

No data is being saved from these messages, and we are deleting the records of the bot every day, so don't worry, you won't be getting any texts from us that you didn't request. Just presidential horoscopes, right when you need them most.


Finally: We can't advise anyone to take these horoscopes seriously. The readings are only about as real as the chances of most of the Republican field.

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