We styled Nicki Minaj in Pinkprint-perfect wedding gowns

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Nicki Minaj announced (?) her engagement to fellow rapper Meek Mill last week on Instagram by posting a pic of her heart-shaped rock and a slew of emoji.


So many questions: Are those diamonds real? How many diamonds are we talking? Does Drake know? Did he already call, drunk, a la “Marvin’s Room,” to express his sheer despair? And for fashion people, one big question: What will she wear?!

Pink, we hope.

While we have to wait for official details regarding the upcoming nuptials, we've already scoured the couture collections for Pinkprint-inspired princess gowns befitting her Minjaesty's wedding day. Here are 5 options:

1. Frothy tulle

Looking like a Duncan Hines confection served at a quinceañera reception, we could see Nicki walk down the aisle in this frothy, tulle Giambattista Valli number — a remixed version of the one her girl RiRi rocked at this year's Grammys.


2. Sparkle motion

Remember the fairy rap godmother who portended all of Nicki's success in the 2011 video "Moment 4 Life"? Nicki could very well be inspired and rock a shimmery Zac Posen gown for the big day — glittering like a ball of bridal magic.


3. Meant to fly

With this Elie Saab dress fully in bloom, we could see Nicki embracing married life against a full-on flower wall, Kimye-style.


4. Flower power

Nicki's ample curves could make this seemingly-demure Chanel two-piece ensemble appear downright, well, cheeky.


5. Feeling myself

Although Nicki has seemingly deaded her alter-ego, Roman Zolanski, he could come back on her wedding day and inspire her to slip into this pre-Raphaelite Valentino gown for a luxe, totally theatrical, exorcism-free ceremony.




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Photo illustrations by Elena Scotti; source photos via Getty Images.

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