Elena Scotti

Last month, after ages of speculation, Marvel and Netflix announced that Finn Jones of Game of Thrones fame had landed the lead role in the upcoming Iron Fist series. While some fans were glad to see that the series was moving forward with production after months of stagnation, others were left displeased.

For many, Iron Fist was Marvel's chance to finally introduce a leading, hero of Asian descent into one of its big budget projects. The decision to cast Jones, a white man, as Iron Fist left a bitter taste in others' mouths. Canonical purists clung to the fact that in the comic books, Danny Rand has been historically depicted as white.

Then again, Nick Fury, who has been portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson in every Marvel movie was also originally a white man in the comic books. That idea got us thinking. What if the only thing holding people back from being able wrap their minds around an Asian American Iron Fist was actually seeing what they might look like?

Rather than wonder, we got down to business and decided to fancast the Iron Fists that could have been and give you a glimpse of what they might have been like.

Jake Choi as Iron Fist, son of New York City and K'un L'un:


Yoshua Sudarso as Iron Fist on the mystical nature of his powers:

Ludi Lin as Danny Rand explaining the legacy of the Iron Fist:


Cole Horibe as Iron Fist, after the battle:

Will Yun Lee as Iron Fist, the man following his destiny: