Wedding Crasher President Drops In on Deranged Trump-Themed Nuptials

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Very busy businessman President Trump stopped by not one but two events for a MAGA-themed wedding (a cursed phrase if there ever was one) that started at his New Jersey golf club over the weekend.

Trump dropped in on wedding events for PJ Mongelli and Nicole Marie Mongelli on Saturday night, where attendees took selfies with the president and he hugged the bride. As Fox News reported Sunday night:

Fox News is told the bride and groom are huge fans of the president, had dreamed of him attending their wedding and got engaged at the golf club in 2017. Flags and pro-Trump banners could be seen at the event.

The bride said she’d sent numerous requests to the president in hopes he would attend — and that Trump ended up paying two visits to separate wedding events. At the first event, he vowed to show up to the second, and kept his word.

As Trump talked with members of the family, a man approached him and shouted, “I’m the father, I’m the father! Thank you so much!”


So much about that is deeply sad—if not downright pathetic—to me, but I’ll keep moving. During the surprise appearance, Trump said about the groom, according to Fox: “Handsome — look at his shoulders” and “Nobody’s gonna mess with him.”

The warm atmosphere was apparently inviting enough for Trump to stop by the afterparty. Per Fox:

“Staten Island is the greatest,” Trump said, when the groom told him told hundreds of guests from the borough would be attending a party later. “I love it. I’ll see if I can stop by.”

Trump, indeed, did stop by the second event, as the crowd erupted into a “USA!” chant.

Meanwhile, a slew of negative comments about Trump’s appearance at the wedding appeared on Twitter and other social media platforms Sunday, tinged with bitterness and partisan overtones.


I hate when a bunch of LOSERS on social media can’t let me enjoy my racism-themed wedding with the president in PEACE. (According to the couple’s wedding site, the hashtag for the wedding was #MakingMarriageGreatAgain.)

And would you just look at those wedding favors!


We live in a fallen world.

Managing Editor, Splinter

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