Weed dispensaries are applying to open in Whole Foods' new stores for chill young people

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Remember when Whole Foods said it would consider opening a record store or tattoo parlor or some other youth-oriented business inside of its new, youth-oriented store concept?


It's happening…sort of.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Jeff Turnas, the president of the new concept (called 365 by Whole Foods), said "they’ve received video pitches or other inquiries from at least one tattoo parlor, more than one marijuana dispensary, and a pet grooming business."

The interview comes as the company announced it would open its first 365 in the trendy Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles next month. The stores' main feature will be cheaper and feature a more select range of groceries designed to appeal to younger shoppers.

The other feature will be allowing "Friends," or unrelated partner businesses, to share space alongside the peanut butter and eggs. At the Silver Lake location, the Post says, Whole Foods has already invited in an outlet of Chloe, which the Post describes as a "vegan fast-casual restaurant" and an Allegro Coffee Company bar "that will serve craft coffee and beer."

Turnas said they’re currently lining up "friends" for an upcoming store in Portland. Imagine the possibilities.

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